Who Are The Perseverance Speakers?

The answer is humble and simple. They are ordinary people who have learned how to share their extraordinary stories, and they do it with genuine passion to help others grow personally and professionally. They do it with genuine purpose to affect positive change in the world.

Former NBA player and Perseverance Speaker, Demetris Nichols, receiving 1:1 Coaching via Zoom with Vera Jones. Vera is a Motivational Speaker and former ESPN and BTN Broadcaster.

“Helping ordinary people confidently develop their wisdom, passion, and pain into extraordinary stories that fulfill our professional speaking purpose ~ to educate, inspire, and uplift the world.”

With a 2017 Goalcast viral video of over 47-million views and counting, Vera’s voice had already rung out across the world as a motivational speaker who helps people move from pain to purpose. She felt called to help coach speakers to do the same.

She decided to help people confidently develop their wisdom, passion, and pain into their professional speaking purpose so that millions, just by hearing their stories of inspiration and education could find hope and healing. That one voice is now a collective voice called the Perseverance Speakers Academy.

Vera Jones is the Founder of the Preseverance Speakers Academy.

Vera offers both small group and on-on-one coaching sessions to accommodate preferred learning styles and diversify performance feedback.


  • Professional presentations packed with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Education

  • Stories of Faith, Focus, and Fortitude that help people transform obstructive mindsets

  • Strategic, Motivational Takeaways and Action Steps that truly resonate

  • Time and Passion to others in need of their testimonies of Perseverance!


  • 12-weeks of Perseverance Speakers Academy professional coaching and training

  • Inclusive Connection and Outreach via the Perseverance Speakers Tour

  • Expanded Visibility and Relatability as a featured guest on Perseverance Live!

  • Continued Support & Professional Development as a Lifetime PSA Family Member

  • An opportunity to live a passionate and purposeful life inspiring and enlightening others!

Vera's PSA Coaching Philosophy

Through being sheltered at home in a pandemic, inundated with negative, misleading media messages of a nation divided, we have slowly and subliminally lost KEY elements that help us through adversity – positive mindset and human connection.

Perhaps the change we seek lies in not being talked to, but in connecting to. It lies in directly connecting with. That is why I never coach speakers to just give a speech for people to hear.

“I coach speakers to share a story that people can feel.”

Instead of waiting for engagements to speak, the Perseverance Speakers goal is to prioritize speaking to engage. When we initiate connection, we initiate the positive change we wish to see.

Inquire Here About the Many Ways To Become a Perseverance Speakers Partner!

At the heart of the Perseverance Speakers Mission is the desire to bring our diverse messages of hope, healing, and “how-to” to disadvantaged communities. We become the boots on the ground for sponsors who have a genuine commitment to service in underserved or neglected communities that need to be empowered and encouraged to persevere the most. Perseverance Speakers also resonate particularly well with disability organizations, colleges, and women’s groups.

Stay tuned for exciting updates regarding tour dates and cities, the launch of the Perseverance Live TV Show, and the First Perseverance Speakers Annual Showcase and Conference (once COVID-19 protocols allow for safer means of travel and connection).


The Perseverance Speakers provide our sponsorship partners direct, loyal, inspired and tangible customer connection and visibility via the


  1. The Perseverance Tour
  2. Perseverance Live!
  3. Perseverance Gear
  4. PS Annual Conference & Showcase
  5. PSA Annual Scholarship Banquet

For more information about getting involved with the Perseverance Speakers Academy as an Aspiring Speaker, a Tour Client, or a Team Sponsor, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away!